Saturday, April 7, 2012

We have been out enjoying the early spring weather.

Logging miles on the bikes.
Working in the beds..weeding.

Pinching myself it has been this warm,
this soon.

I broke down and purchased a little greenhouse kit.

Nothing fancy. A friend has the same one.
She loved hers. My coldframe was PACKED and out of room last year.

Plus ~
I had a coupon..

We stuffed 3 people and the greenhouse in the Subaru to get it home.
(thanks mom and dad)

I rode in the trunk.

Living in the woods makes it tough to find a sunny place to put a greenhouse.

We decided out by the blueberry bushes would be the best spot for sun..
and less chance of getting squashed by a tree branch.
(fingers crossed)

Only a few pieces to assemble.
We made the frame in the garage and carried it out to the base.

Blue bird day...
and a perfect fit!

Very warm inside once the panels were clipped in..

Stones warm from the heat.

We finished it last night.
Dug a little patio space out front and filled it with the pea gravel.