Tuesday, September 18, 2012


We spent a few days away in a cabin at our favorite state park.



Knitting on a rock in the river..


Before we left I found an issue of 'Making' magazine 
at a church sale.  

(UK version - April 2011)

It is full of great little projects including a tutorial paying homage to Margaret Oomen at
Resurrection Fern on how to make crochet covers for stones.

Perfect for river rocks found along the way..

I don't know how to crochet, so I tucked a book on the basics into my camp basket.

Photo of the end of my camp table by the window in my cabin.

The stones on the ends are from the patterns in the article. 
 The two in the center I made up on my own.

It was pouring buckets when we left making our 
departure very soggy.

I am already missing the little cabin with the rain on the roof..

Fire going..

With a lap full of rocks and projects at my feet.


JohnD said...

Looks a lovely spot - now you are ready for your next big projects "Crocheting yourself a Rock" LoL!

Kate said...

Wow your rocks turned out beautifully despite never having crocheted! You've inspired my next crochet project.

Denise said...

your cabin in the woods sounds so wonderful at the moment - glad you enjoyed!