Sunday, July 22, 2012

Officially a Herd

Like lots of areas around the country is has been dry here.

The lack of rain got me thinking more about rain water collection.

Then I found these on Craigs list...
Oh yea..

USDA FOOD grade plastic that previously held GLUCOSE SYRUP
(thats a lot of glucose syrup).

We snagged one.

After doing some research we were able to decrease the 4 inch opening on the mouth of the container (fitting ordered off internet plus plumbing supplies from Lowe's) down to garden hose size.

Right now we have the gutters from the garage hooked up.
Thankfully we did get a little bit of rain and it worked like a charm!

After we got it home the neighbors came over..
They wanted two..
I thought ~ why not?

So we got anther one.

Now we have a herd of water buffalo!

They sit behind the garage and are up higher than the garden.  Gravity feed has been working well to get the water to where we need it.

Little word of caution: 
Sometimes IBCs are used to contain chemicals/solvents.
If you are like me, I only wanted ones that didn't have chemicals in them before.

I had to stand on a ladder and SCRUB the syrup out of the second one.
The ants were VERY happy!

I am too!


Denise said...

way to be resourceful - I don't know how you all are surviving the heat. You are welcome to visit anytime if you need a break from it.

Crafty Cristy said...

That is AWESOME! I want a rain barrel.

Diana of Elephants Eye said...

It's also good to see the plastic container living a second life.

free range chick said...

That is pretty darn neat- very clever.