Sunday, July 1, 2012


The weather turned warm quick this spring.

Hot and sunny.

I had started my usual seedling under the grow light but instead of cramming them into the cold frame, we moved most of them to the greenhouse.

Then it got just too plain hot.
I couldn't figure out why some of the seeds wouldn't start in the greenhouse.

Next stop: thermometer.
It was only 120 degrees Fahrenheit in there during the day!

I lowered the shelving.  
Moved some seed trays back to the basement and left the tomato and squashes in the sauna.  

They faired great and are now going strong in the garden.
It will be interesting to see if I can extend the growing season a little bit this fall.  I really can't wait to start plants next spring.  Hoping to get a jump on things a little earlier.

We put down a little pea gravel patio in front.  It is my favorite place to have coffee in the morning with the birds until the sun comes over the trees.  Great place to start trays of lettuce and spinach..
More on that later..

The current temperature in the greenhouse is 132 degrees Fahrenheit.
Might be time to consider some shade cloth?
Or frying some eggs..


free range chick said...

Oh how lovely Leigh, I love your topiary and your sunny little spot to fry eggs.I wish we could fry eggs...maybe egg soup it rains so much. I hope you are well and enjoying your summer on the east coast.
Missed you

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Oh I love lovely. I love the patio...

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

If you put spinach in the greenhouse, you could have STEAMED spinach for dinner! :-) Seriously, I'm sure you'll love having the greenhouse!
We had a perfect spring...long, mild, moderate rain. Now triple digits, no rain and the garden is mainly fried!

Denise said...

holy hot!
that is worse than hot yoga :)

Laurie said...

Both of the books in the sidebar look excellent. Thanks for sharing them! I hear you about the heat. Lots of triple digits here, and that's not in a greenhouse!

sarah said...

how wonderful to have a greenhouse to get things going in.. and not only a greenhouse but a green thumb as well. lovely photos. 132 whoa, bake some cookies? :)