Thursday, February 9, 2012


Illustration Friday: Suspense

The suspense of whether or not the bees will make it through the winter is just about killing me.

I worry every year..
This year a little more so. The winter has been mild.
Warm ~ cold ~ warm ~ cold.

They get confused, think it is Spring, start to work and then freeze when it gets cold again.

I had my ear to the hives on the last warm day we had. There were a few that were silent.
I hope at least one hive makes it through. We have ordered a few new starts for spring though, just in case.

I sat outside to sketch this today. It was 37 degrees.

but cold.

The illustration is a little brief, but my fingers were getting numb.
I just wanted to sit with the bees..


JohnD said...

Do hope they are well and survive - bees are about the most important insect for man's well being.

We have the imported "English-style" bee here in Australia but we also have ten varieties of native bees which do not nest in man-made hives but survive in hollows in bush eucalypts.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Fingers crossed gor you and your bees!

Kris said...

My uncle was a beekeeper. best of luck to you.

free range chick said...

I love the little bee map legend...even down to the stripes of your gloves. My grandfather was a beekeeper, his love for bees was something special...I think you must know what that is. You are so dedicated and a lovely bee mama, Leigh.

Denise said...

goodness, I love your drawings.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

It makes me so sad to think that the bees might not make it. I think that's one of the main things that would hold me back from keeping bees...I would be so sad.

Cindy D. said...

Good luck to you and your bees! I am sending happy thoughts to them.

SowandSo said...

These on and off winters are so frustrating, same thing with the bulbs I have planted, they went crazy a few weeks ago and now they are all glasgreen from being frozen. I do really hope your bees will be fine! Let us know as soon as you can!

Nancy said...

i absolutely love, love, love your sketches. so cute!