Sunday, January 16, 2011

Par Four

This is the only time you'll find me on a golf course...

.. in the snow..
enjoying some sun.

There were lots of folks out there
cross country skiing..

..enjoying a break in the endless skies of gray.

Had a blast
making tracks with the Hubs.

Then home to a beautiful moon.
Sometimes it just feels good to get outside...

Make the most of it, then cross your fingers for MORE SNOW!
: )

(photos via cell phone)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Color me orange..

I went out to dig up some carrots to have with our dinner on New Years Day.

(They are keeping quite nicely under the maple leaves and I had to laugh..
one carrot fed us for dinner!)

That crazy carrot had me smiling as I peeled the monster because...

I just plain love the color


It's really no secret...

Orange boat size of small Volkswagen strapped to small Volkswagen.

I've been having the urge to paint something orange.

A room..

It's been so dreary here...and cold.

You'll be happy to know the bathroom FEELS ten degrees warmer now!

Then I really had to laugh.

I think orange is going to my head.

My new glasses: black on the outside - orange on the inside.

New cheery fabric for panels above our bed,
with a splash of sun!

If I could find one..

... I would drive one.

Don't you just love seeing the world through orange colored glasses?