Monday, March 14, 2011

Hanging around..

We've been hanging around..

enjoying the last snows of winter (maybe).

Knitting by the fire. This is a new fave hat.. Elizabeth Zimmerman: Ganomy Hat.
Warm over the ears, but with a slight split in the back perfect for a pony tail.

Hanging out with Dad in the "sugar shack" as he boiled down some maple syrup.

The buckets just kept coming...

He rigged up his own version of a maple sugar cooker:

~One old used stainless Maytag
washing machine barrel
~One burn barrel
~Smoke stack

Put a wood fire in the bottom to heat the sap.. Let the steam begin!

Used the camp stove to finish it off.

We've been dreaming of seeds..
Dreaming of the muck drying out enough to actually get outside!

This guy was dreaming of lunch and was hanging around at the chicken coop today.

The ladies raised such a fuss we headed back to see what was going on and foiled his plans of attack, although... it was close. The ladies dashed under a pine and I was able to get them back in the coop as the hawk sat about 10 feet off the ground watching us!

This will be hanging around the kitchen for the next "farm fresh breakfast". The early syrup is light and sweet.
(Thanks Dad!!)

Worth hanging around for.. that's for sure !!


Camilla~ Bloom said...

I feel as if I was transported back in time...your images speak volumes, from the snow, beautiful hat and maple so idyllic Leigh. What fun you must have with your dad.
I feel spring is in the air in Montucky...the time change really helped.
Have a "sweet" week.

lazytoadfarm said...

I love your dad's version of the maple sugar cooker. We are using an old grill. I like his idea better!

Enjoy that syrup!!

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

I know that hawk! He ate a bird from my feeder this winter! Of course, nothing as big as a chicken!

Sarah { bee house hives } said...

now i know why you are so sweet :) lovely hat - what a great idea for the slit in the back to make room for a pony tail! very clever.
it was so nice to read about maple syrup leigh. that is so SO neat! we had pure maple syrup at the cabin this weekend - rationing it out around the table! o to have trees to tap! lucky you :)

Rural Revival said...

The first syrup of the season is so unique and my favourite. I just love your dad's creation. Very clever!

Kelly said...

Oh I can smell that syrup boiling down, how romantic to have it all right there in the back yard!

Nancy said...

if i were closer, i'd come over for a stack o' flapjacks with that sweet syrup. looks so delish.

Flyin' Bobbin said...

I felt like I was reading my own blog! The knitting, the chickens, the sugaring in the back yard, waiting for the snow to go...It was amazing. My husband rigged up an old metal barrel on its side, with a steel pan that sits right into it, to boil his sap. He put out about 10 taps. That smell of the steam in the air is definitely a sign of spring!

heather said...

hi! i love this blog and the hawk is so beautiful i had to say. how lucky to get that photo. but i know it is scary to have a hawk lookin at your pets.....