Monday, March 22, 2010

It's never just "junk"...

This book has my wheels spinning.

Dreaming of cold frames. Have been for a while now. Cabin fever does that you know.
Seedlings on the brain. Scheming..
Time to head to our favorite architectural salvage place in town.

You know..

Just to "look"..
and see what we can find...

Good thing I don't have a truck...yet.
For now all-I-can-pack-into-mother's-subaru will have to do..

Old windows ~ $1 a pane = $10

Brass door hinges in need of a soaking ~ $1 each = $8

1 gallon "Rockwood Shutter Green" exterior paint = $5

Patio bricks (Craigs List freebees), lumber (left overs), and excavation (borrowed tractor) = Free

Coming soon to a southern exposure near you..
Cold frames for $23!

: ))

Goodness.. I love junk!
Then again.. it's never really just junk.. right?

Saturday, March 13, 2010


March and April are probably my least favorite time of the year.
I am working on that..

The temperatures in the mid 60's and sun last week helped, but torrential rain today after the melting of 40 inches of snow has left.. well... muck. Good for mud boots - bad for getting anything done outside.

So instead of working outside, I've been re-arranging the furniture. Silly habit really. It's been an illness for years now. My poor husband (a good sport really - thanks honey for helping me flip the house - xo) runs for the basement when he sees 'the look' in my eyes set in...

In the flipping and sifting, I realized how much a love collections. Nothing in particular. Bits. Collections of collections. Miniatures. Dried things. Stuff people would wonder why on earth does she have THAT.

Like an empty candy box hiding postage from Scotland, a penguin, and a cardboard star.

... Egg carton full of white "lucky stones'.

Maybe it comes from this?...

Jem's treasure box.
The opening credits are my favorite part. I had a treasure box as a kid.

Did you?

It's not a mocking bird, but a little wren perched on my sketchbook in the shifting rubble on the second floor from last weekend. I'll be sifting through things again today and smiling... in the rain.