Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love and Learn

I should be reading the Farmer's Almanac and planning for Spring plantings, but...
I've found it's a little hard to dream about Spring when my mailbox looks like this:

: )
It's okay.
The glaciers in our gutters have started to let go with the temps almost getting up to 40 degrees today! Instead of the Farmer's Almanac I've been reading Elizabeth Zimmerman's: Knitter's Almanac instead.

It's my mother's fault. She got the hankering for this hat. EZ's "Ganomy" Hat. No yarn paralysis for her. Marched right in - picked the pattern and the yarn in 3 seconds flat. Hmmm... some how I missed getting that gene. The pattern may be a bit more than I can chew. Have only ripped it out FOUR times and if the decreases don't wrap it up soon, it is going to end up looking like something for The Cat in the Hat. Love and learn.. Loving the yarn and loving learning a new pattern.

Do you like my model?
Looks a bit like the Marvin the Martian from Bugs Bunny..

Remember the sock?
It's really done. Just have to figure out to how to "weave" in the toe.
Gotta love YouTube!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Joy

Washington, DC Snow Storm from Es Video! on Vimeo.

I found this on the Postsecret Blog this morning.

It made me smile.

For all of you who find the joy in the snow..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chicken Luge

This would be the teams accommodations. The Coop-de-Igloo. After I dug out the run, we dug out the teams shoot..

The ladies were ready.... standing at the start... teetering at the gait... pumping for momentum...
Then, they were off... down the track...

Mary Claire takes the lead...

...with the team following close behind... They seem to be missing their sled?

..OOPS...Dead end!!

...because the track digger is dead tired.

I needed to take a break..
Oh.. and to sit down and laugh my pants off.
I don't know why seeing their combs bobbing down the lanes cracked me up.

The weather forecast is calling for another 6-10 inches of snow today.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The un-official total amount of snow, according to our yardstick, is 21 inches here. Dad dug out his old snowshoes so I could take them for a spin!

It's unusual for us to get this much snow at one time though. That's why I am so excited! We are still digging out. The poor tractor barely made it through, but Dad has been plowing away. This is the trail to my parent's house.

Going to be a bit before we reach the campfire. Heading out that way though here shortly to dig the chickens a path to some grass...if I can find it.

The blueberry nets however...are toast.

Then I waded out to the orchard...

Not looking so good there either. Shook the snow off everything best I could. The poor fruit trees! Dug out the bees a bit too.

My legs in the orchard. I am thinking we may have about 2 feet out here in the clearing? It's over my knees!

: )

Maybe I should have remembered to bring the snowshoes with me??
Have a great week and for those of you out there in the snow belt..
Happy Shoveling!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I ::heart:: snow!

I was so excited with the thought of a major accumulation of snow that I could hardly sleep. I slept with the exterior light on the garage on all night so I could wake up and still see it snowing. At 0530, I opened my eyes and thought...hmmm where did the bistro chair go on the back patio?

Here it is! Under a blanket of snow. Pulled on my garden boots and stepped out onto the back porch, only to have it go over my boots! YES!!! 19.5 inches on the yard stick and it's still coming down!! YES! YES! YES!

Can't wait to get out in it! Snapped this from the back door this morning with the flood lights on...

Okay.. shower.. breakfast...start the fire... grab snow pants... and GOOOOOO!!!

Thank you God for this most beautiful morning..

Friday, February 5, 2010

Paris in the Winter

Dear Becky and Joe,

You'll both be happy to know ONE of our sleds survived our childhood.

Becky, this old girl is yours. Found her in the room under Mom's porch. Your name and address are still written in marker on the front of the sled.

I am sure you won't mind I took the old girl for a ride down the street this afternoon before the snow truck came. Still handles like a dream. Snow sticking to my glasses, arms waving, laughing, pure delight. I had to make a hard right into the ditch in front of Mom's as a car came up the street. It was then, as my knees hit nose down, I remembered I was 30-something and not ten years old again. Sigh..

It's snowing beautifully already and I can only hope we get the foot they are calling for.
It is a pretty safe bet that my sled is gone due to one too many hits with the pine tree. Joe's too.

What ever happened to the K-Tel skis?

Good thing I picked up a pair of snow pants at the Outlet Mall last weekend. Time to cut off the tags and break those babies in!!

Wish you were here.
Thinking of you both...