Monday, November 1, 2010

Found :: Lost

I've found something over the last few weeks...


I read something a few weeks ago and it sparked an idea.
What would happen if I got up early every day?

Not just work days.
EVERY morning.

Novel idea for someone who is not a "morning" person.

I've watched the sunrise through the woods.

Seen the sun streak through the kitchen.

Captured a pink moon before the sun gobbled it up for the day.

Leapt off the back porch into the woods breathing the crisp fall air as fast as my slippers would take me.

Wanting to get lost in the woods.

The question then is how to get lost. Never to get lost is not to live, not to know how to get lost brings you to destruction, and somewhere in the terra incognita in between lies a life of discovery.

~ Rebecca Solnit: A Field Guide to Getting Lost

If you are trying to find me..

I'll be lost in the studio today..

Watching the sun come up!


Chiot's Run said...

We've been getting up early as well, before the sun. Makes me feel like I get a lot more done during the day!

Michelle said...

Love the early's still quiet around's dark...nothing going but the's a great time to read my bible and journal a bit. Enjoy your mornings...and your studio time!! xoxo

Camilla~ Bloom said...

So beautiful Leigh. Your images are stunning.
Morning is my favorite time of day...and I feel I am so lucky to leap out of bed and start a fresh everyday.
Good Morning to you!

Joanna said...

It is the best time of the day...but it gets harder to wake up so early as the mornings are getting darker! Lovely poem!

jenny said...

Yes, that IS a novel idea! You've almost inspired me to get up earlier :) Though our mornings are so dark now that it wouldn't be of much good. It's still dark when the kids leave for school, so I am finally getting to enjoy the sunrise for the first time in months. And this is a gorgeous collection of photos.

Conny said...

"Found" time is just the best, isn't it? Perfect.

anna said...

So beautiful! You have wonderful woods to get lost in.....

anna said...

So beautiful! You have wonderful woods to get lost in.....I miss rising with the sun, it's so much harder to get up early at this time of year, when it's so dark and cold!

Nancy said...

i'm up well before the sun during the week but on weekends...well, i prefer to stay under the covers a bit later. i'm a girl that needs her rest. love the images you shared.

underthebigbluesky said...

i agree about mornings. a cup of tea and a walk in the woods, especially in fall. i am not a morning person, but do enjoy my weekend mornings.

your images are peaceful as always!