Monday, October 25, 2010

We've been spending the weekends getting ready for the colder weather.
Hauling wood, cleaning..

Finally got around to getting a dumpster delivered to clean out the garage and all the left over construction supplies that have been lingering in the back woods for years.

A dumpster..
delivered on our anniversary!

for some reason I find that insanely funny..

Re-seeded the cold frame now that the weather is cooler. It has been in the high 30's in the mornings and the temperature in the frame has been around 50 degrees ~ Anxious to see how it does when it is cold and staying cold!

Tossed in some lettuce, mache, kale, and spinach.
Wonder if I could grow some green onions in a bucket?

Staggering views of color no matter which way we turn. This time of year is like living in a kaleidoscope.

The den dormer is one of my favorite places to soak in the colors.
I want to walk right out into the leaves..

Trying to hold on to the colors as long as I can. Bits of leaves cut into squares and glued into my sketch book with watercolor gradients to capture the color before it fades.

Hoping you are all out enjoying the autumn colors as much as we are!


Meghan said...

Been a fan of yours for a long time, and a lurker even longer! :) Always love your stuff, but the last photo with the leaves and the watercolors really got me. Makes me want to get mine out and play! Love your stuff and thanks for reminding me that if I turn my head away from my computer screen I can see the beautiful kaleidoscope out my window too. (I forget sometimes!)

Kelly said...

I love your sketch book, nature's pallete is amazing isn't it?

We are in desperate need of a dumpster delivery ourselves, happy cleaning- and Happy Anniversary!!

Misti said...

Beautiful sketchbook. I wish I had all of my stuff, but it is in storage still. I also am craving some cooler weather.

Michelle said...

Sounds like life is productive on your end...preparing, cleaning,'ll be so nice when it's all done!! I love the sketchbook simple, but so inspiring...

And for the onions...I say give it a try!

Thinking of you every morning with my first cup of tea. xoxoxo

Sassafrass said...

Like Meghan, I've been a lurker for a long time, never saying a thing.

But both the watercolors and the picture from your den really made me think "what a beautiful home!"

Carmen said...

Love the sketch book! Haven't stopped by in a while.

Happy Anniversary. : )

Jenny said...

Your sketchbook photos were what drew me to your blog a long while back - thanks for the peak! And thank you for sharing your fall colors - I'm an Appalachian girl transplanted to TX, and while I love my new state, I sorely miss a true Fall leaf palette. My first year here, the leaves turned brown and fell off the trees with no colorful transition. Thanks for sharing!

Camilla~ Bloom said...

Your art is beautiful...any chance of seeing more of that around here?
I am starting to feel like a squirl around here too..foriging and making my nest ready for winter.
We had such a beautiful Indian Summer Leigh. We went swimming in lake oct2nd...and my mom could swim with us(first time ever)while visiting from Norway.
Your cold frames look wonderful- so smart of you to do that.


Nancy said...

love, love, love the sketch book! And the den dormer!

Jenny said...

I simply LOVE your leaf colors! I have to do that with the kids. It's just beautiful.