Sunday, September 19, 2010

Those crazy jets..

Autumn has come and we are finally getting around to putting the garden to bed for the winter. It makes me sad to see it go.. There are a few lingering tomatoes that we are still picking at, the beets still need canning, but Dad dug the potatoes yesterday.

All the potatoes..

Including those crazy Georgia Jet sweet potatoes.

They seem to get bigger and bigger every year! Makes me wonder what is going on under those hills of vines on hot summer nights.

Two potatoes next to size 10 (mens) boot.

One weighed 3 pounds, the other 3.5 pounds.

Dad holding a 3 pounder here..

I think we dug a larger one up last evening in the final hill. The cart was so heavy I could barely pull it to the garage. We were thinking of canning / freezing some.. due to the size.

Any suggestions??
...or you could just come for dinner..
I think one potatoe would feed a family of four??


adele57 said...

My hubby loves Georgia Jets, grows them evbery year and has battles with the ground hogs for them. We sometimes win, this year they did. We were on vacation for a month and had the dogs with us so there was nothing left when we got home. What he usually does with the potatoes is cuts them up and cooks them then purees them and freezers the amount need for 2 pies in each container. Then when he wants to bake a pie (yes he is the main baker since he loves it I let him bake) he takes one out, makes a crust, defrosts the puree and makes it and bakes it. I also has a sweet potatoe casserole I sometimes make at Christmas. On ce pureed you can make many thing with it. Sliced and fried is also good. Just a few suggestions.

Beegirl said...

Adele thanks!! You had me laughing because we too have had groundhog troubles with the Jets! They ate them off twice last year... but not this year. Sweet potato pie?? You bet I'll be trying that this year!!! Thanks!!

Laurie said...

I second the sweet potato pie. Good for breakfast, snacks, & dessert! The voles ate almost all our sweet potatoes, until we built a sunken bed surrounded by chicken wire.

anna said...

Holy Sweet Potatoes!
I would vote for Sweet Potato French Fries... mmmmm