Monday, September 6, 2010

Not Yet.

Autumn is in the air.
The heat coming off the water kept the inside of the boat warm as the sun went down.

Mist rising.
Fish jumping.
Geese flying South overhead.

Wanting to keep winter a bay a bit longer..
I'm not ready to come in yet.
Nope. Not yet.

~photo taken via cell phone as I was being pulled over by the Fish Police. Who knew red lights ( we were wearing red bicycle safety lights on our vests) were illegal on non-motorized boats? Just trying to not get run over by a pontoon boat in the dark. Using white lights only now.. thanks Fish Police for filling us in!!~


Michelle said...

Geese flying of my favorite things...xo

Nancy said...

yeah, i'm with you about keeping winter at bay. not ready to go there but i am embracing the feel of fall in the air. can't wait to make soups & chili.

underthebigbluesky said...

still good kayaking weather. a little bit of time left.

is that so you are not confused with a buoy???

wow. fish police.

way to go.