Monday, September 20, 2010

Bench Monday: Beet Edition

Pulled the beets in the garden today. Let the pickling begin!!
I ::heart:: pickled beets!!

The sun is out, air cool, and the sky is bright blue.

The kettle is on the stove and the back door is wide open!

Happy Beet-Monday to you!!


Shona B said...

Do you have a recipe for pickled beets? I was literally just trying to find one online and couldn't find one I liked. Thanks!

Nancy said...

do you ever bake your beets? i have a friend that grows them and she swears it's the best way to eat them.

June said...

Oh, I do think of you every time I pickle a beet or eat a pickled beet. I have a good crop coming on. But we've been eating them so many different ways that I haven't doused anything in vinegar yet. Best get on that...

Love from Maine, dear Leigh!

dmoms said...

oh, i love pickled beets!