Saturday, March 13, 2010


March and April are probably my least favorite time of the year.
I am working on that..

The temperatures in the mid 60's and sun last week helped, but torrential rain today after the melting of 40 inches of snow has left.. well... muck. Good for mud boots - bad for getting anything done outside.

So instead of working outside, I've been re-arranging the furniture. Silly habit really. It's been an illness for years now. My poor husband (a good sport really - thanks honey for helping me flip the house - xo) runs for the basement when he sees 'the look' in my eyes set in...

In the flipping and sifting, I realized how much a love collections. Nothing in particular. Bits. Collections of collections. Miniatures. Dried things. Stuff people would wonder why on earth does she have THAT.

Like an empty candy box hiding postage from Scotland, a penguin, and a cardboard star.

... Egg carton full of white "lucky stones'.

Maybe it comes from this?...

Jem's treasure box.
The opening credits are my favorite part. I had a treasure box as a kid.

Did you?

It's not a mocking bird, but a little wren perched on my sketchbook in the shifting rubble on the second floor from last weekend. I'll be sifting through things again today and smiling... in the rain.


Michelle said...

I have a typesetter's box that I filled with tiny little things in my early 20's. When I got tired of dusting them all I put them in a box and have them stored in the shed. When I was growing up I had a bulletin board and I put everything on it! Cool clothing tags (remember Esprit?!)..magazine clippings..notes from friends..interesting bits I found on the little clip-on koalas (do you remember those? I haven't found anyone yet who does!)...TONS of stuff. And when I moved out I put it ALL in a box...and it's in the shed, too.

I have to say, I LOVE your Snoopy pin! SO makes me want to go through my box of little things.

Camilla~ Bloom said...
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Camilla~ Bloom said...

I have a button, fabric and dust bunny collection that I adore.(well maybe not the dust bunnies)
Moving furniture around is thereapeutic Leigh, especially in spring, I do it too.
Have a great weekend.

ngaio said...

March and April are 2 of my favourite months ! Autumn is in the air now, my fav season - leaves turning colour, mellow light, cool days and nights, harvest from the garden - ahhhh

I collect like a mad thing - photos, leaves, bark, tiny eggs, honey comb - far out, it is a crazy addiction. . .
my blog is

deb said...

Oh yes indeed I had a treasure box as a kid. And a shelf full and a drawer full and a locked metal box so my sisters couldn't steal my treasures (not sure why they didn't just run off with the whole box!). I still have many of those treasures. I need to photograph those things. It might date me a bit! ;) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Nancy said...

I had treasure box(es) as a kid. Now I have a collection in a dresser drawer. My mom has lots of treasure boxes/drawers/closets. I went through some of them this past weekend when I was there. LOVE going through them and remembering or learning.

dmoms said...

I'm not much of a collector but I do love to switch things up in the furniture department! I just wrote about that myself.

dmoms said...

p.s. - glad to hear from you : )

underthebigbluesky said...

HA! So I am not the only chronic re-arranger. I started young moving all my furniture in my bedroom around, it drove my mom crazy!

love you little collections! something about little bits.

and i agree with you about the muck! backyard has been swampland, but sat on the porch swing yesterday at 75 degrees and couldn't believe that several weeks ago it was covered in ALL THAT SNOW!

hang in there!