Friday, February 5, 2010

Paris in the Winter

Dear Becky and Joe,

You'll both be happy to know ONE of our sleds survived our childhood.

Becky, this old girl is yours. Found her in the room under Mom's porch. Your name and address are still written in marker on the front of the sled.

I am sure you won't mind I took the old girl for a ride down the street this afternoon before the snow truck came. Still handles like a dream. Snow sticking to my glasses, arms waving, laughing, pure delight. I had to make a hard right into the ditch in front of Mom's as a car came up the street. It was then, as my knees hit nose down, I remembered I was 30-something and not ten years old again. Sigh..

It's snowing beautifully already and I can only hope we get the foot they are calling for.
It is a pretty safe bet that my sled is gone due to one too many hits with the pine tree. Joe's too.

What ever happened to the K-Tel skis?

Good thing I picked up a pair of snow pants at the Outlet Mall last weekend. Time to cut off the tags and break those babies in!!

Wish you were here.
Thinking of you both...



Welcome! said...

Sounds like fun. We're having an El Nino year with more rain and less snow than usual. The girls are still waiting to go sledding.

Sarah { bee house hives } said...

yes.. it hurts a little more to fall being thirty something.
cute post! have a fun day with all that white stuff.

deb said...

Ack, the K-Tel skis! I forgot all about those until you mentioned them. We had those too and now I'm wondering what happened to those plastic beauties!

Don't you just love sledding? It brings out the inner kid in all of us! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the snow and have found a old friend to enjoy it with!!! I can just picture you heading down the street ... brings a smile to my face and a feeling of home to my heart. The kids requested more pictures please :) We haven't had any snow since that one day in early December ... that's fine with us, it hinders baseball practice! From what I hear, you'll have even more chances to sled again soon! Be careful, 40 is right around your corner, and it may be the new 30, but that doesn't make it any closer to 10!!! Miss you!!! Becky