Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life: Unscripted

At least, I think that is what they say on MTV.
Life: Unscripted.
Just us. As is..
Raspberry muffins for breakfast.

Inside the woodbox... with grandpa's hand broom that my husband won't part with.

Knitting basket by the Christmas tree.

Lindy. Waiting for me to throw the ball. Again. Relentless.

Six degrees and blowing snow out the front door.
Happy Sunday to you!!


Bloom fine art fotografi said...

Looks like a day filled with lovely possibilities...So nice to see your knitting basket highlighted by that bokeh. Have you gone sking yet? We had a pretty good dump over the holidays but now it's all melting...sniff.
Those muffins look like a sweet start to the day.
We are ending our day on a blueberry pankake note.."pankakes its what's for dinner"
Happy Sunday.

dmoms said...

I really miss snow. i like your life: unscripted.

deb said...

What a perfectly unscripted day.

Beautiful photos!

Amy Blogs @ River Rock Cottage said...

Knitting... love the idea of it. Hope I can actually DO it when I try to teach the girls! And how long have you had snow? Didn't it snow there right before Christmas? Looks like you have some "global warming" going on there!

Enjoy your unscripted day!

Michelle said...

Wow...the snow looks so beautiful. I love how Lindy waits to fetch. I had a cat, Lacey, who loved to fetch...just like a little puppy. I've never known of another cat who did that!

Earth Mama said...

Raspberry muffins look delish! 6 degrees! I'm missing our snow and wishing for more soon...real soon. Happy Sunday to you too!


Nancy said...

Absolutely love those baking cups the muffins are in!

Snow...I'm tired of it. We got more last night and today. Honestly, I'm ready for sunshine and warmer temps.

Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

What? A cat that fetches?

Thanks for the peek into your day. And do you think you could send some of that snow our way? Please? Ours is now giant puddles...


Kelly said...

Lindy's paws are adorable.

Sarah { bee house hives } said...

Six degrees? Keep warm. I have cute knitted mouse pattern perfect for Lindy. I should send it your way, it is a fun knit!

Rural Revival said...

Oh we have a few little balls just like that blue one, and they have to be WELL hidden at night or we can forget about a good night's sleep!

Be well!

June said...

Doesn't six-degree weather just make home so essentially homey? I love this unscripted day...a beautiful life, yours.

Love from Maine... Enjoy the snow!

Jessica said...

The unscripted life is just beautiful!