Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No wonder my eyes are itchy...

My eyes started itching about a week ago and sure enough, the girls are coming in loaded with pollen!   There isn't any visible budding on the trees here yet.  At least, not that I can see from the ground..maybe it's the maple buds?  Glad to see them coming in with leg baskets full!  Welcome Spring!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Art of Honey

Hobby Farm Home:  May/June 2009  Volume 4: Number 3

It's no secret.  I'd love to have a farm.  Due to the fact I live in a suburban neighborhood, I'll have to enjoy visiting the pages of Hobby Farm Home which is filled with wonderful ideas for farm living.  This issue features a lovely article: The Art of Honey.   It includes tips on finding and making the most of local honey.  My favorite local honey is a deep, dark, sweet bamboo honey from a neighboring apiary.  This special necter is a favorite at our house in tea and on hot buttered toast.  The jar always goes fast!

Each batch of honey is unique.  Be sure to check out what your local bees have to offer!