Saturday, August 29, 2009

Around the House

Fall is knocking at the kitchen door and I am feeling restless. Autumn is my favorite time of year. We've moved often in autumns past, so I am having the urge to move the furniture. I may be the only person moving the island out of the kitchen and putting the table back.

Maybe it's all those British magazines I've been scouring. Dreaming of Aga stoves with bits of laundry drying in the kitchen. I've been craving a table in the kitchen. Next stop: Ikea for a few shelves.

Ikea and I are old friends. When given the choice of pre-assembled cabinets or a wood burning stove for the living room, in the budget of building a house - the stove won - hands down! I spent a month in the basement assembling every last piece of the kitchen.

Almost fifteen years later, we still are hanging on to our first kitchen chairs. Grandma bought us those chairs for our first apartment. They are on their last legs (literally - saved by Gorilla Glue) and I don't have the heart to part with them. I love to sit at the table now while dinner is simmering on the stove.

We've turned the island into a baking center.

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Everyone knows love comes in the kitchen door.
~Dominique Browning~
Around the House and in the Garden: A Memoir of Heartbreak, Healing and Home Improvement


Rane said...

I too am feeling the fall
urgency! I feel this winter will
be the worst we have seen in a while... and I have no reason to
feel that way. I can just tell you that I want to store up loads of food and nest my house down for fall and winter.... strange because I know I can not be pregnant...(there is no way to be..) but I am having some very strong nesting and instinct to you think I maybe turning into a squirrel? or a bear?? hehehee! I love your sweet home photos... and your baking iland and wall are so country dreamy!! And I love you green chicken!! She is lovely! Is there
a story behind her? Do you by the way have a favorite fall recipe you can share with us using honey?
Thanks for your lovely post!
And I am glad I am not alone!!!
Happy fall nesting!

dmoms said...

I'm on restriction from IKEA. It is only 10 minutes from my house. It seems as if I can never go in there without spending $100.00.

as soon as I saw that first picture, I said IKEA. Love the basket - I think I have at least 5 of those : )

oh, it looks good : )

Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

Our closest IKEA is Seattle (10-12 hours away, depending on who's driving) or maybe Calgary, but crossing the border with boxes of ready to assemble furniture is looked down on a little...thank goodness!

Your home looks very welcoming. I love the idea of a baking center. And an AGA stove? I would die for one of those - in red, where I could just flip the cover off the burner and quick boil up some water for tea...and dry my mittens...

tara said...

our house has no dining room, but our kitchen table easily fits eight people. it's solid oak and from IKEA... but i like to pretend it's from an old appalachian farmhouse. There is nothing like a cozy kitchen dinner~ i'm so glad you've joined my side!

Kelly said...

BeeGirl, I LOVE the baking center. And you can always use the kitchen table for prep too. Your house is adorable!

Bloom fine art fotografi said...

Your house looks lovely....gosh the images are straight out of British Country Living for goodness sake.
IKEA is so awesome,so sad that we don't have one in MT.
I really love your baking station, looks so inviting, I bet you bake a lot.
Thank you for sharing the images from your beautiful home, very inspiring.

Michelle said...

Your baking center is FABULOUS! I love the idea of having your table in the middle of your's very "farm house". I would do it, if I could...but my kitchen is enclosed like a room. A SMALL room...maybe 10x10?

I'm feeling the urge to redo things around here...I don't know if it's Fall...or if we've just lived here so long it's time to PURGE even more than we did yesterday!

Autumn is my most favorite season...hands down. It makes me happy...and able to breathe deep. I can't wait....


Michelle said... made me laugh...I almost lost my coffee!

Stephanie said...

Very neat baking corner you have! You have organised the place really well. And the colours are my favourite too. We have Ikea here too. But the assembling is not as easy as what they always claim to be ;-)

deb said...

Oh, the baking center is a wonderful idea! And... adding that table too! Good thinking. I think I have that same lamp. I would love that whole entire area.

Just this weekend I started feeling fall-like. There always seems like a ton to do each fall between the garden, home, work and FUN! I feel like a squirrel in full action. :)

sue said...

Lovely post, Leigh. Kitchens are always my favorite room in a house, anyway. This is beautiful.

June said...

Oh, oh, oh. I love your baking center, and I too anticipate the days when we are gathered in around the stove again. I have yet to replace my beloved wood stove, but I got my Aga finally. It's a long story, and it's not the Aga from all the books I love. But it's an Aga. I've been mulling a post because it's one of my treasures.

I can't believe you're an Aga girl too. How is it that our kitchen/gardening soul mates are so scattered around the world? But aren't we lucky to have the internet to cinch us all together at last?

Seeds in the City. said...

your kitchen is delightful! I adore the baking counter space. It seems to call out for stopping and kneading the dough! ;)

gardenmama said...

ahh the autumn 'nesting' bug has hit your home too : ) I think the IKEA love is universal!

Heather said...

I am glad I don't have an Ikea near by! Or a container store. My type A personality would likely love both of those places by the look of your beautiful island! Just rearrange, that always seems to do the trick for me~

Nancy said...

Absolutely love your baking center! We have a table in our kitchen. As of late I've been thinking of switching it out for a smaller one in our basement...I've been feeling crowded and I don't like that.

47 degrees here this morning. It is beginning to feel like fall which brings out my desire for pots of simmering soup and a kitchen warmed by an oven full of fresh-baked goodness.

April said...

Oh gosh, that's a great idea. It looks fabulous. I just found your blog and I'm smitten, your pictures are just wonderful!

underthebigbluesky said...

i just got home and had a British Country Living sitting on the counter that came over the weekend. I just dropped the bags and plopped down with it. I so understand your Brit love.

But that baking center is to die for! I love the idea and all those glass jars and baskets (never enough glass jars and baskets).

feel the same way about IKEA, but just got back from Amish country and was absolutely drooling over handmade farm tables and kitchen hutches. good thing i don't have a pickup ;-)

Lily Boot said...

I love it! A baking centre is such a good idea - and that ikea island has been on my "to buy list" for ages! And I love a good rearrange. I can just picture you nestled into your kitchen whilst outside grows cold and bleak. Even without the Aga, you'll be so cosy!

Brad the Builder said...

Great article, very amusing

Kyrie said...

British Country Living is my homemaking ideal :) I love your little space!

Did you see the recent article in NYT about Brooklyn/Manhattan honey? I immediately thought of you.

anna said...

Mmm feeling the change in the air.... I love your baking center! Perfect home for the kitchenaid pro- LOVE it!