Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Bounty

Three hours worth of picking in the garden..

4 eggs
2.5 lb blue berries (takes us over 55 lbs. this year)
3.5 lb pickling cucumbers
2 zucchini
snap peas
yellow and green beans

I thought I try canning a few pickles again this year. Can anyone offer any suggestions why they are levitating? They were canned right after I picked them.. Next on the canning block: green and yellow beans!


gardenmama said...

And what a bounty it is!! Your harvest is amazing and so beautiful! My mom makes pickles I will have to ask her... (I owe you an email!!)

dmoms said...

would you?
could you?

do a canning tutorial? like for dummies?


Michelle said...

I wonder if you just could have packed more pickles in each jar? Then they wouldn't levitate? I packed my pickled green beans pretty tightly...and they held up pretty good. Are you pickling your green beans? Or just canning fresh? LOVE the bounty...gorgeous. I know it's not nice to envy...but man, those blueberries!!

Beegirl said...

Nicole: Thanks.

Denise: Gosh.. I am new at this.. but sure.. I'll give it a whirl! You should see my kitchen right now with all the books spread out. I wish they made a book Canning for Dummies!

Michelle: I had them jammed in there pretty good, but they shrink in the hot juice. Although, I may not understand "packing them tight"... "fingertip tight" has been a tough one for me too. I tend to twist the lids on too tight. As for the green beans: they are blasting off in the pressure canner as I type! I should pickle some too!

Thanks everyone!
: ))

The Hip Homemaker said...

I just picked 10 good sized cucs today at lunch. They were all hiding out under the leaves, I had no idea!

I agree with michelle about the packing. You need to get them in their tight. I like to pack some in and then put the lid on, shake them around a bit and then pack some more.

They look yummy though! I am going to pull out my pickle recipe tonight. I am so excited!

Jackie said...

Beautiful harvest! I'll be interested to hear how you can your beans. There's a chance we might have more than we can eat fresh this year and I'd love to be able to preserve them... Thanks, Jackie

Heather said...

They do make a book called Canning and Preserving for Dummies by Karen Ward. I have it open on my kitchen counter:-D The best book I have found is called Ball Complete Book of HOME PRESERVING (400 delicious and creative recipes for today). This is the canning bible. I am taking an online canning course through the univ. here and they seem to like it too. I am only in my second year of canning so I can't help with the pickels but they sure look nice. I am betting they eat the same as non floating ones.

gonzomama said...

what a great bounty!

my pickles float too : )

underthebigbluesky said...

oh what gorgeous colors!!!!!

i love summer.

Chiot's Run said...

A lot of things float when you can them, my tomatoes do sometimes. I think it's just because the liquid cooks out of the when they get heated up in the canner. I always make fridge pickles.

Camie said...

another possibility - raw packing vs. hot packing. I just did some apricots (raw pack)and there is some levitating going on there. I didn't do a hot pack because I didn't want to cook the apricots any more than they would in the water bath. I do know that some produce shrinks more in heat...

Man, I'm still blown away by the blueberries!

June said...

Levitating or not, those pickles look good enough to eat.

My pickles are sometimes buoyant too. Doesn't change the yummy factor. Enjoy!

Nancy said...

It all looks so good! I'd be willing to eat your pickles regardless of them levitating or not!

55# of blueberries. Good grief, girl. Like Michell....I'm jealous.

Kelly said...

Holy Blueberries! 8)

I just did a batch of zucchini pickles and they headed north as well. I am giving a shoulder shrug as I type, they need an icon for that!

ehmeelu said...

I second Camie's explanation about the raw vs. hot pack being the cause of the floating. They'll still taste good, though!

Anonymous said...

Ask Jackie Clay at Backwoods Home Magazine. That old girl knows everything!