Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Operation Salad Bar

So the other night, while sleeping with the bedroom window open, I woke up in the dark to the sound of chewing at my ear. My first thought was ...what in the world is the cat eating? Then I realized the sound was coming from outside. I flipped on the flood light to find a deer standing at the window staring at me as she ate my hostas down to the nub.

View heading to back porch steps.

The hosta plants were given to me by a friend who didn't appreciate the bees they attract. I dug up every last one and stuffed them into the back of my overloaded Volkswagen. Drove home with the hatch up. They have done great!

Chewed hosta stubs.

Thanks to "Operation Salad Bar" launched by the deer, the hostas around the house look like this. Like some sick form of chewed celery...

Garlic clip on hosta flower.

First I tried spray. No luck.
Then I tried these garlic clips given to me by my neighbor. No luck.
The same neighbor has had a horrible time this year with blue heron eating their beautiful koi fish from their new pond. He installed these motion sensor water cannons to scare away the birds. He said he had an extra we could borrow...

Motion sensor water cannon.

My husband installed the thing and almost took out my mother as she came up the back walk with a piece of cake! Sensor was working fine!

Sure enough, last night at 2am, the water cannon went off! One, two, ...three times!! We could hear the deer running down the hill through the leaves. I love living next door to an engineer! Thanks B & C..


The Hip Homemaker said...

Oh no! I have wondered about the deer and my flowers in the front. So far the damage has been minimal. (one small patch of lily of the valley and a bit bite out of my succulent, but they have left everything else alone. The other night I did wake up to them chopping down on the grass outside our window. That just means less mowing though, so I'm okay with that.

I saw one of those sprinklers online yesterday and wondered if they actually work. Now I know!

Seeds in the City. said...

Fantastic! My Mom had one of these sprinklers when she lived next to a golf course. The deer adored her roses, and it was always startling to look out and see a fully mature buck sitting on the deck chomping away.

She tried everything - the sprinklers worked great & are obviously non-toxic and only mildly upsetting.

The extra benefit - golfers would lose their balls in her yard, and then try to climb around her garden to fish them out. The sprinkler would attack them, they'd get mad, charge it (thinking it was a kid or something?) only to get hit again. Funny every single time!

I've also heard spraying a dilute solution of milk and water will deter deer (they avoid lactating animals), but obviously that has to be reapplied.

Heather said...

Good for you to find a non-poisonous solution! Deer are so pretty and so destructive.

Jennie Wood said...

My hostas are about all eaten! We've been hoping that Ruby The Sleepy Hound Dog would scare the deer off, but they must come on her break.

Fabulous blog! The photos are fantastic. I want a poster of those 1/2 gallon honey jars all lined up!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh...that water cannon made me laugh out loud...especially the part about your poor mom! I love hostas...and so do deer, apparently. They'll grow back...xoxo

mothernaturesgarden said...

You know water cannons to deter deer is a first for me. Great idea.

Nancy said...

How cool is that? The living next to an engineer who helped with the solution, not the deer eating your hostas.

Bet your mother was surprised when it went off! The picture in my head of that made me laugh.

Camie said...

Were you at least able to salvage the cake? Cause you know, clothes & hair dry, but cake...

Will you please tell your parents that they have a fan club in Montana?

June said...

Your mother comes over with cake??

Sorry, that's not all I got out of this...I am so so so sorry about the hostas and am so so so cheering with you about the engineered solution, but...mother? cake?

Nice. Very nice.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

NOW I understand the water cannon that made you lose your coffee!