Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Natural History of The Chicken

My thanks to Red Gate Gardens and Four Green Acres for leaving me the comment to be sure to check out the PBS special 'The Natural History of the Chicken." It is a must see for all chicken lovers. Extremely funny, but informative too. Not sure I'll look at a grocery store egg the same again.

I've only posted the video of part one here on the blog. Be sure to check out all six episodes on YouTube or by clicking the links below. Here a few of the highlights:

The Natural History of The Chicken

Part 1 - Mouth to beak CPR.
Part 2 - Man crowing and the Karma of 100 Roosters.
Part 3 - Cotton the Rooster : Wash and set, pink hairdryer, and chicken panties.
Part 4 - Valerie sees "the light." Miracle Mike.
Part 5 - Liza
Part 6- Honor to be called chicken.


Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

Oh. My. Stars. No matter how many times I see this, I about wet my pants laughing....thank you, friend, for making me laugh tonight!

Chiot's Run said...

Mr Chiots and I watched this a while ago on our Netflix on demand, quite entertaining!

Stephanie said...

That chicken car is so cute :-D... made me laugh out loudly!

But personally, it is sad to see how those chicken hatch isn't it? They entered this world through those 'shelves of drawer' then the conveyors... home farm is really better ;-)

Emma said...

Never seen anyone actually kiss a chicken on the head!! Well why not?!ps. have chicken envy as would love some but no space for them... boo!

June said...

Chicken love! Who knew? I do know it is now a big part of our lives. I think the documentarians could film an episode with Blossom and Fern. The other day, a teenage friend of theirs stopped over to visit; I couldn't get my girls to come out of the chicken run and say hi. Big doings in there, apparently. Birch and I have taken to calling them the chicken girls. But it takes a lot of devotion to get up every morning of the year and haul fresh water through the snow and clean out the coop and... They do it all without complaint. What else do you call that but love?

I'm so happy you enjoyed the movie as much as we did!

dmoms said...

oh, we have so much chicken love here. I actually worry about them in this heat.

btw, did you know that I drink Tony's coffee too?