Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Budget Cut

I was inspired to post this for two reasons today:

1. Red Gate Gardens amazing post about her favorite summer "Day Trip." Please be sure to check out her Day Trip photos and the photos over at Beehouse Hives of Glacier National Park! I've love to see Glacier some day..

2. My favorite summer day trip is on the chopping block of budget cuts for Pennsylvania.

Welcome to Clear Creek State Park in Jefferson County PA - along the Clarion river.
My parents have been coming to Clear Creek since they were dating in high school. We've been camping and day tripping there ever since!

Foot bridge crossing over Clear Creek on the way to the Clarion river.

The park contains 25 miles of trails, 300 picnic tables, streams, and natural fishing.

Sun streaming through the trees in the early morning.

The park was created in 1933 by the Civilian Conservation Corp though the nationwide work of President Roosevelt. You can still rent the log cabins today for camping. There are also tent sites available along the river and a (cold) lake and beach for swimming. Clear Creek is on the National Resister of Historic Places in PA as well.

Rental log cabins at Clear Creek.

Hiking the deep, dark, moss covered trails in the fall.

This is a view of my journal on the table in one of the cabins last fall. It is a wonderful place to visit and camp. Clear Creek is close to my heart and a huge source of nature inspiration. It pains to me to think that it is one of 35 state parks listed for potential closure with Gov. Rendell's budget cuts. We've written letters and signed petitions. Crossing my fingers that this little gem will be spared.


Tatyana said...

Beegirl, I hope this park will make it! Looks like a wonderful place. The images are great, I mean it. The second one is a masterpiece!Love it!

The Hip Homemaker said...

I would go there all the time. We don't have any camping spots close to town that are that nice, but you can drive an hour or so and get up to the lakes and mountains. I hate seeing all of these great family vacation spots getting closed down because of cuts1

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Oh, I hope it makes it. It looks so quaint. I love the footbridge, and the cottages look cozy. Your journal looks lovely...wish I could be in a park right now, relaxing in the shade. Your photo w/the sun streaming through the trees is beautiful!

dmoms said...

oh, that pains me that parks could be closed. good for you for signing the petition.

and the journal - you know how I feel about that. love it.

June said...

The first trip Birch and I ever made together was to Pennsylvania. I fell in love with the clear water and the peace in the woods. I empathize with your feelings about the threat of losing not just a peaceful place in your life, but a family tradition.

Your photos evoke it beautifully.

underthebigbluesky said...


what beautiful shots.

we are vacationing first week in September and definitely would like something like that.

Nancy said...

First I must tell you that I love your journal! I'm fascinated by the sketchings people do. And, is that a water color I spy?

Secondly, the park looks like a beautiful place to visit. It is sad that such national treasures could be on the chopping block.

Sarah: wife, mother, beekeeper said...

Wow.. BEAUTY. I love the cabins. Wouldn't one of those make a great "honey house" .. maybe someday. For now, it is the kitchen.

Flo said...

Clear Creek looks so beautiful...what an absolute crime to even consider shutting it down! I really hope its beauty is preserved, best of luck Beegirl with the campaigning!