Thursday, June 11, 2009


A few shots from the garden yesterday.  Spent the day outside mulching with yet another load (thanks Mr. S.) of grass clippings.  Enjoyed the warm, humid, mostly cloudy day with no rain... maybe rain today?

Beegirls were hopping!  I could hear them buzzing from the far end of the garden.

Bamboo tomato stakes.  I love these darn things.

Potato rows..before the weeds set in!

Zucchini bloom.

Beet, beets and more beets!  Thinned, weeded, and mulched.  Can't wait for these babies!


Michelle said...

Gorgeous garden and gorgeous photos! I love the bees and the zucchini photos the best...oh, and the tomato stakes. So cool!

June said...

I'm eager to know how the grass-clipping mulch goes. Do you always put shredded newspaper underneath? Beautiful photos!

erinn said...

wow. wow. wow. I am admiringly jealous. The bees are so cool.

gardenmama said...

Fantastic photo of your bees!!
Oh, what a lovely garden : ) Yum!

dmoms said...

Yes, the tomato stakes... do tell more.

thanks for the comment about my son. he's my boy. he pulls hard on the heart strings : )

Stephanie said...

Do the bees also make good pollinators?

Sarah: wife, mother, beekeeper said...

lovely shots!

underthebigbluesky said...

perhaps you have the most beautiful garden (and bees) ever!