Monday, July 14, 2008

Working the Clover

Snap of one of the girls out working over the clover.  It's great to see her pollen basket full.  Go baby, Go!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fannie at the Farm

We got Queen Fannie and the girls all loaded up and secured with straps in the back of the truck.  You could here them scratching at the door..ready to bust on out!  After a short trip, we arrived at Mr. J's farm.  

They'll love it here!  Beautiful fields full of wild flowers!  We pried the door off and they came shooting out.  We left some space on the stand for another hive.  I think Elizabeth will be moving out next...!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Swarm Number 7

It appears that swarm season has come to a close.  Thought I'd post a photo of the final swarm from June.  Good 'ole number seven.  At least this one was low to ground and I could capture it without any help.  Ok, me and a Freshscoop cat litter bucket!  A month later I am happy to report this group will be separated soon to hive number eight - aka- Queen Isabelle!

The start of our hives this year has been a wonderful adventure!  Kind of like a math word problem?  Started out with 4 hives, divided one, captured seven swarms, gave away three, kept four, and lost one.  How many hives do we have?  

Eight...for now!

: )

Thanks Mr. H. and Bonnie!  We couldn't have done it without you!

Road Trip

After a busy month of swarms, things are starting to calm down.  We are a bit tight for space and have the hives stacked where we could fit them inside the electric fence.  A farmer friend has agreed to let us keep a few hives out on his farm so...tomorrow is moving day for Queen Fannie!

Went out after dark to board up the entrance after all the girls were in for the night.  Note to self (as I haven't done this before) keep the flashlight low.  The light woke the girls up and had them fanning at the entrance.  Think I got the board on before too many came to greet me.  

Hope all goes well tomorrow!  Wanted to sketch the "family" line-up before we moved Fannie out of the yard. We'll miss you Fannie!!  Work hard!!

(Watercolor pencil / pen & ink in my moleskine watercolor notebook)